Information wants to be free

Information wants to be free… or so goes the quote. Where you find attribution it is often attributed to Stuart Brand. So it is, right there in a transcript from one of the first Hackers’ Conferences. Stuart Brand and Steve ‘The Woz’ Wozniak discussing and out it comes. Not in the package you think you know, because that would be 1) easy and 2) naive, but as a nuanced quote, and expression of paradox.

“On the one hand information wants to be expensive, because it’s so valuable. The right information in the right place just changes your life. On the other hand, information wants to be free, because the cost of getting it out is getting lower and lower all the time. So you have these two fighting against each other.” Brand, S., 1985 p. 49.

As interesting is what The Woz rejoins with,

“Information should be free, your time shouldn’t.” Wozniak S., 1985, p. 49

Food for thought information wants to be free, information wants to be expensive, and your time should not be free.


Discussions from the hackers’ conference, November 1984. The Whole Earth Review. May. 45-55

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Back in the saddle


If you follow the links in the previous post you will likely discover… well, they’re dead Jim. This is because web hosting is expensive, and also I realized somewhere along the line that I was doing a web based portfolio all wrong. That’s also why I made some structural changes to this blog as well.

Anyway, I’m reviving this blog, because people will likely be coming here more in the months to come. Like in the past I will be posting first to my blogspot blog, of the same name, and then cross posting. This arrangement works well for everyone, as I tend to post the highest quality and edited things here… except for this, this was completely off the cuff.



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A Wild New Site


Recently I’ve been a bit absent from the blog while I’ve been working on somethings in the background. Some of those things haven’t congealed yet, but I’m happy to announce that one of the has. I’m happy to announce that I have a new site, A Wild Book Chase.

A Wild Book Chase, represents a centralization of my web presence. Previously I’ve been using this site as a showcase, and using a blogger site or the lion share of my blogging. With the launch of A Wild Book Chase, I have merged the two on a Drupal site. In addition to blogging and pointing out my own cleverness, I will also be posting a large section of my, Bibliography of Science Fiction Translated into English, and creating a U.S. Government Information Pathfinder 2.0.

I’ll keep this site up as long as it remains free, but in all likelihood this will be my last update.



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This is the remix…

Well, not really.

But I am currently in the process of centralizing my web presence on a new hosted Drupal 7 site. As I’ve been working on the project, I’ve been writing some blog posts that I hope to share with you soon.

The reason for the switch is in large part driven by the easy of converting my bibliographic work into a web based framework. Drupal’s flexibility and database oriented architecture should also make maintaining and updating such resources easier. Plus those resources should also be more usable.

For now, I’m going to take down the government information guide, and a few other pieces of content. They’ll be the first things I rebuild in the new site.

Catch you on the flip side


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Forbes Flub

I have a new post over at my blog addressing the recent ranking of a Masters in a library related field as the worst one to get by Forbes. I’m really excited to hear that a lot of people have like it. It’s by far my most popular non-hack library school post to date.

Running business well relies on having good information. Forbes as a business publication should probably be doing a better job checking it’s facts. You can make an argument, as Forbes does that MLISs are a bad degree, you’d be using the wrong information to do it though.

Read the rest here!

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The Science Fiction and Fantasy Translation Awards

This post is crossposted from my blog at blogspot of the same name.

As many of you know (at this point) I am working on a bibliography of Science Fiction translated into English, published between 2006 and 2010. One resource I have relied on is the Science Fiction And Fantasy translation Awards website. On June 16th, the awards were announced at Eurocon in Stockholm, Sweden. The creation of this award will I believe be instrumental in helping more translated works get published. It will also help create an incentive for translators to be recognized in indexing and creating metadata for magazines publishing Science Fiction. As it stands now translators can easily slip away into the sands of history. I want to applaud the members of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Translation Awards board, and wish them success in continuing this years success forward.

The results of the first Science Fiction and Fantasy Translation Awards:

Continue reading

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